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The smell of incense together with that of the alleys, the colors of the marbles with the sea breeze, this is Naples for us. And If with "Passion collection" we explored the image of Naples that you can see on the magazine cover, with Sacred Love collection we investigate the heart of the city. The old town is surrounded by churches, religious symbols, colors, sounds, moods, smells and life.


Bridal collection.


Bridegroom Collection


A collection dedicated to the little ones, being faithful to our style, and paying attention to their needs.

Formal Dresses

There are different dresses for different moment and events. A fusion collection ranging from lace to colorful silk, for a refined and elegant woman who gives each moment its value.


A single card, a thousand advantages. This is the whole Vanitas World

Fidelity, Exclusive Gift card and even wedding list. Thanks to “my vanitas card” you can access to a range of benefits and exclusive events. Request your “My Vanitas Card”

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